Here are links to sites where you can buy our recordings. There are plenty of others, and most online CD retailers and record stores stock our CDs or can order them. We'll add more links as they occur to us.

Records International


H&B Recordings Direct ( ) (Great Britain) (Germany) (France)


Trade Distribution:

UK - Priory Records Ltd.

USA - Albany Music Distributors Inc.

Canada - Distribution Pelléas

Finland - Fuga Oy

For further information about some performers and composers we think are interesting and important, try these sites:

Joseph Banowetz (Pianist) [Personal website]

Joseph Banowetz (Pianist) [University of North Texas website]

Nikita Fitenko (Pianist)

Two excellent websites about the great creative transcriber and composer-pianist Leopold Godowsky: and

Philip Martin (Composer, pianist)

Joseph Marx (Composer)

and the official website of the Joseph Marx Society:

Jonathan Powell (Pianist, Composer)

Christophe Sirodeau (Composer, pianist)

The Sorabji Archive

The Ronald Stevenson Society

Alexander Tutunov (Pianist)

Fredrik Ullén (Pianist. No, he hasn't recorded for us, but he plays some great repertoire fabulously well, and has commenced a series of recordings of the complete 100 Transcendental Studies by Sorabji, for BIS [a great label, as surely anybody reading this is already aware - here they are]).

Ronn Yedidia (Composer, pianist)

Adam Wodnicki (Pianist)

Record companies whose productions we wouldn't want to be without:


Bridge (Their Elliott Carter series is one of the most essential ongoing recording projects available today. And having just encountered Volume 11 of their George Crumb series, we are reminded that this, too, is essential listening - a very complete emerging portrait of one of the most original voices in American music of or time).