AIR-CD-9001		John Foulds                                        				
				Seven Essays in the Modes	
				Variazioni ed Improvvisati su una thema originale
				Gandharva Music
					Peter Jacobs, Piano

AIR-CD-9004		Alan Bush                                          
				24 Preludes
				Letter Galliard
				Corentyne Kwe-Kwe									
					Peter Jacobs, Piano

AIR-CD-9006		Rodion Shchedrin                                   
				The Polyphonic Book (25 Polyphonic Preludes for the piano)
				Two Polyphonic Pieces
					Anna Ouspenskaya, Piano

AIR-CD-9009		Philip Martin                                      
					Penelope Price Jones, Soprano / Philip Martin, Piano

AIR-CD-9010		Nicola LeFanu                                      
				A Penny for a Song
					John Kinsella		
				Last Songs
					James Wilson		
				Upon Silence
					John Buckley		
					Samuel Barber		
				Hermit Songs
					Penelope Price Jones, Soprano / Philip Martin, Piano

AIR-CD-9011		Philip Martin                                      
				Piano Trio No. 1 "Serendipity"
				Songs for the Four Parts of the Night
				Two Elegies for Violin and Piano
				Light Music
				The Rainbow comes and goes
					Crawford Trio / Ruxandra Colan, Violin / Philip Martin, Piano / 
					Penelope Price Jones, Soprano

AIR-CD-9013		Nathaniel Dett                                     	
				After the Cake Walk
				Cave of the Winds
				Inspiration Waltzes
				"Enchantment" Suite
					William Grant Still		
				Dark Horsemen
				Radiant Pinnacle
				Dance (from "Costaso")
				Rising Tide
				Quit dat Fool'nish
				Entrance of the Porteuses (from La Guiablesse)
				"A Deserted Plantation" Suite
					Denver Oldham, Piano

AIR-CD-9014		Jacques Ibert                                      
 				Matin sur l'eau 
				Toccata sur le nom d'Albert Roussel 
				L'espiègle du village de Lilliput
				Félicie Nanteuil - waltz
				Le vent dans les ruines 
				Noël en Picardie
				Les rencontres 
					Denver Oldham, Piano

AIR-CD-9015		Carson Cooman                                     

9 Preludes / Concert Piece; La Tricotea / Madrigal / Lullaby (after Rameau) / Summer Solstice / Bear Mountain Fragments / Madaket Dreaming / Mountain Toccata

Donna Amato, piano


AIR-CD-9020		Alexander Skryabin                                
				Piano Sonata No. 8 / 2 Préludes, Op. 67 / Sonata No. 9 / 
				2 Poèmes, Op. 69 / Sonata No. 10 / 2 Poèmes Op. 71 / 
				Vers la flamme / 2 Danses, Op. 73 / 5 Préludes, Op. 74					
					Donna Amato, Piano

AIR-CD-9021		Alistair Hinton                                   
				Variations and Fugue on a theme of Grieg
					Kaikhosru Sorabji		
				Variazione maliziosa e perversa sopra "La morte d'Åse" da Grieg				
					Ronald Stevenson	
				Den Bergtekne (after Grieg)
				Norse Elegy for Ella Nygaard
				Beltane Bonfire
					Donna Amato, Piano

AIR-CD-9022*		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Fantaisie espagnole		[CD single]
					Donna Amato, Piano

AIR-CD-9023		Edward MacDowell                                 
				Piano Sonata No.1 "Sonata Tragica"
				Piano Sonata No.2 "Sonata Eroica"
				Piano Sonata No.3
				Piano Sonata No.4
					Donna Amato, Piano
AIR-CD-9024		Ethelbert Nevin                                  
				Napoli / Water Scenes / A Day in Venice / May in Tuscany / 							
				O'er HIll and Dale / The Rosary / Mighty lak' a rose /
				Etudes, Op. 18 
					Arthur Nevin		
				From Edgeworth Hills / Toccatella
					Donna Amato, Piano

AIR-CD-9025		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Quaere reliqua hujus materiei inter secretiora
				St. Bertrand de Comminges "He was laughing in the tower"
				2 Sutras sul nome dell'amico "Alexis"
				Toccatinetta sopra C.G.F.
				Passeggiata Arlecchinesca
					Donna Amato, Piano

AIR-CD-9027		Simon Mawhinney							
				Barcode III
					Darragh Morgan, violin
					Mary Dullea, piano

AIR-CD-9028		Alberic Magnard                                  
					Florent Schmitt		
				A Tour d'Anches
					Jean Francaix		
					Luciano Magnanini, Bassoon
					Christine Nield, flute
					Margaret Donaghue, clarinet
					Robert Wiener, oboe
					Luiz Benedini, piano

AIR-CD-9030		Felix Draeseke                                   	
				Piano Sonata
					Franz Liszt	
				Piano Sonata
					Claudius Tanski, Piano

AIR-CD-9031		Eugene Bozza                                     
				Récit, sicilienne et rondo
					Henri Dutilleux			
				Sarabande et cortège
					Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco	
				Sonatina for Bassoon and Piano
					Alessandro Longo		
				Suite per fagotto e pianoforte
					Teresa Procaccini		
				Trois pièces pour basson et piano
					Nino Rota			
				Toccata per fagotto e pianoforte
					Luciano Magnanini, Bassoon
					Michele Levin, Piano

AIR-CD-9032		Francis Poulenc		
				Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano
				Sonata for Oboe and Piano
					Camille Saint-Saëns	
				Sonata for Bassoon and Piano
					Willard Elliot		
				Suite of Six French songs of the 15th Century
					John J. Dee, Oboe
					Luciano Magnanini, Bassoon
					Carlo Grante, Piano

AIR-CD-9033		Pyotr Tchaikovsky	                                
				Piano Trio in A minor
					Dmitri Schostakovich	
				Piano Trio No. 2
					Solomon Trio

AIR-CD-9034		Samuil Feinberg							
						Concerto No.1 op.20 in C Major for piano & orchestra [1931]
							Christophe Sirodeau, piano / Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra / Leif Segerstam, conductor
						Solo piano works:
						Fantasia No.2, op.9 in E minor [1919]
						Etude op.11 No.1 in Eb major [1919]
						Prelude op.8 No.2 in A minor [1917]
						Prelude op.8 No.4 in Eb major [1917]
						Etude op.11 No.4 in F minor [1919]
						3 Preludes op.15 [1923]
						Berceuse op.19a [1927]
						The Dream (from op.28) op.posth [1955]
						Album for Children op.posth [1961-62]
							Christophe Sirodeau, piano
AIR-CD-9035		Christophe Sirodeau						
Musique vespérale pour Elsa (violoncelle solo et orchestre)
Obscur chemin des étoiles - Nocturnal-Fantasy pour piano solo
Artificial Horizon pour violon solo
Cénotaphe pour piano solo en hommage à J.S. Bach et Samuil Feinberg
Jeux d'ombres pour violon et piano
Arlequins en rouge et blanc - Hommage à Raoul Dufy pour violoncelle et piano
Esquisse pour Adramandoni op.12 : poème musical électro-acoustique
Pia Segerstam, cello, Orchestre National de Montpellier, Leif Segerstam, conductor.
Jonathan Powell, piano.
Hannele Segerstam, violin.
Christophe Sirodeau, piano.
AIR-CD-9036*		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Gulistan					[* CD single]
					Charles Hopkins, Piano

AIR-CD-9037*		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Le Jardin parfumé			[* CD single]
					Yonty Solomon, Piano

AIR-CD-9038		Samuil Feinberg						
							Riitta-Maija Ahonen, Mezzo-soprano
							Sami Luttinen, Bass
							Christophe Sirodeau, Piano
						Zaklinanie (Incantation) op.4, No.1 /
 						I ya opyat zatih u nog (Snezhnaya noch) (Once more I'm silent at your feet ­ Snowy Night) op.7, No.2 /
						 V bezdeistvii mladom (In Youthful Indolence) op.7, No.3 /
						 Drug moi milyi (My Beloved) op.16, No.2 / 
						Tri kliucha (Three Springs) op.26, No.5 / 
						Sozhzhennoye pis'mo (The Burned Letter) op.26, No.7 / 
						Plennyi rytsar (The Imprisoned Knight) op.28, No.2 /
						 Son (The Dream) op.28, No.3 /
 						Yevreiskaya pesnya (Hebrew Melody) op.28, No.4 /
						Russalka (The River Sprite) op.28, No.5 /
						 Net ne tebia... (No, it's not you I love so hotly) op.28, No.6 /
 						Vykhashu ia odin... (Onto the Highway, on my own, I walk) op.28, No.7 /
 						Maritsa, op.47 /
						Ne pravda li my v skazke (We're living in a story) op.14, No.1 /
						 Ona rosla za dalnimi gorami (Beyond the distant mountains she grew up) op.14, No.2 /
						Sapho / 
						Kogda... Golos vetra (When... The Voice of Wind) op.14, No.4 /
 						Naprasno ya begu k Sionskim vysotam (In vain I hasten onto the heights of Sion) [op.16, No.3] /
						 Yevreiskaya pesnya (Hebrew Melody) [op.27] /
						 Biedstvie (Evil)
AIR-CD-9040		Percy Grainger                                   
				Hill Song No. 1 (Transcribed Stevenson)
				Songs of the North
				Three Scotch Folksongs
				Scotch Strathspey and Reel
					Ronald Stevenson, Piano

AIR-CD-9041		Ferruccio Busoni                                 
				Variations on a Chopin Prelude
				Prélude & étude en arpèges
				Epilogue (from "an die Jugend")
					Ronald Stevenson	
				Prelude, Fugue and Fantasy on themes from Busoni's "Doktor Faust"
					Ronald Stevenson, Piano

AIR-CD-9042		Ronald Stevenson                                 
				Prelude, Fugue and Fantasy on themes from Busoni's "Doktor Faust"
					Richard Strauss/Grainger	
					Alban Berg/Stevenson		
				Wiegenlied aus Wozzeck
					Alan Bush/Stevenson	
				The Minstrel's Lay (from "Wat Tyler")
					Benjamin Britten/Stevenson	
				Peter Grimes Fantasy
					Ronald Stevenson, Piano

AIR-CD-9043		Franz Liszt                                      
					Frederic Chopin		
				Prelude in C minor
				Nocturne in C minor
					Czeslaw Marek 		
					Kaikhosru Sorabji		
					Edward MacDowell	
				In Deep Woods
					Ronald Stevenson	
				Heroic Song for Hugh MacDiarmid
					Ronald Stevenson, Piano

AIR-CD-9044		Ferruccio Busoni                                 
				Fantasia Contrappuntistica (2 piano version)
				Improvisation on a Bach Chorale
				Mozart - Fantasy for a Mechanical Organ
				Finnish Folksongs
				Fugue on "O du lieber Augustin"
					Joseph Banowetz / Ronald Stevenson, Pianos

AIR-CD-9045		Ignacy Jan Paderewski                            
				Piano Sonata
				Miscellanea, Op. 16
				Tatra Album
					Adam Wodnicki, Piano

AIR-CD-9046		Ignacy Jan Paderewski                            
				Variations and fugue, Op. 23
				Two Intermezzi
				Album de Mai, Op. 10
				Humoresques de Concert, Op. 14
					Adam Wodnicki, Piano

AIR-CD-9049		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Piano Sonata No. 2
					Tellef Johnson, Piano

AIR-CD-9050*		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Piano Sonata No. 1		[* CD single]
					Marc-André Hamelin, Piano

AIR-CD-9052(2)	Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté		(2CD set)	
				Complete Piano Sonatas					
					Marc-André Hamelin, Piano

AIR-CD-9053		Gyorgii Sviridov                                 
				Partita No. 1
				Partita No. 2
				Piano Sonata
				Children's Album
					Nikita Fitenko, Piano

AIR-CD-9055		Franz Liszt                                      
				Ballade No.2
				Rêverie et Adieux
				Le triomphe funèbre du Tasse
				Bénédiction et Serment
				Réminiscences de Don Juan (Busoni Edition)
					Arnold Schalker, piano

AIR-CD-9056(2)	Lev Abeliovich                                   
				Piano Sonatas 1 - 3
				Frescoes, books 1 and 2
					Alexander Tutunov, piano [2CDs at special price]

AIR-CD-9058		Lev Abeliovich                                   
				Piano Concerto
				Piano Trio
				Aria for viola and piano
				10 Tyutchev Romances
					Alexander Tutunov, piano
					Corvallis-OSU Symphony Orchestra
					 - Marlan Carlson, conductor
					Kathryn Lucktenberg, violin, viola
					Steven Pologe, 'cello
					James Wood, bass-baritone

AIR-CD-9061          Joseph Marx                                 
				Italienisches Liederbuch (complete)
						Joseph Marx
				Wie einst 
				Hat dich die Liebe berührt 
				Selige Nacht 
				Jugend und Alter 
				Pierrot Dandy 
				Frage und Antwort 
				Und gestern hat er mir Rosen gebracht 
					Sarah Leonard, soprano
					Jonathan Powell, piano
AIR-CD-9063(2)		In Memoriam John Ogdon     (2CD set)   
					Alistair Hinton		
				Pansophiæ for John Ogdon
					Ronald Stevenson	
				Prelude and Fugue on a theme of Liszt
					Ferruccio Busoni 		
				Fantasia Contrappuntistica (arr. Middelschulte)
					Kevin Bowyer, Organ
					Ferruccio Busoni		
				Fantasia nach J.S. Bach
					Ronald Stevenson	
				Sonatina No. 1
					John Ogdon		
				Dance Suite
					John Ogdon, Piano

AIR-CD-9066(3)	Alistair Hinton                    (3CD set)  
				String Quintet
					Jagdish Mistry, Violin
					Marcus Barcham-Stevens, Violin
					Levine Andrade, Viola
					Michael Stirling, 'Cello
					Corrado Canonici, Double Bass
					Sarah Leonard, Soprano

AIR-CD-9067		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                              
				Passeggiata veneziana
				Villa Tasca
					Jonathan Powell, piano

AIR-CD-9068		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                              
				Toccata No. 1
					Jonathan Powell, piano
AIR-CD-9069(3)		Kaikhosru Sorabji	  							  
				Piano Sonata No. 4						(3CDs for the price of 2)
					Jonathan Powell, piano

AIR-CD-9070(2)	Bach / Busoni					(2CD set)		
				Toccata in C Major
				Organ Chorale Preludes No.3 / No.5 / No.7a / No.7b / No.9
				"St Anne" Prelude and Fugue
				Toccata and Fugue in D minor
					(Previously unreleased recordings)
 					Ferruccio Busoni
				Fantasia contrappuntistica
					(First release of John Ogdon's final 
					recording of the Fantasia contrappuntistica)
					John Ogdon, Piano
AIR-CD-9072		Johann Sebastian Bach                          
				Prelude and Fugue in C# minor
					Ludwig van Beethoven	
				Sonata Op. 109
					Frederic Chopin		
				Ballade No. 1
				Étude Op. 25 No. 1
					Franz Liszt		
				Après une lecture du Dante
					George Lloyd	
				The Road Through Sammarkand
					John Ogdon, Live piano recital

AIR-CD-9074	Ferruccio Busoni										
				Fantasia contrappuntistica
				Fantasia nach J.S.Bach
					John Ogdon, Piano
AIR-CD-9075	Kaikhosru Sorabji	                                
				Opus Clavicembalisticum		             (5 CDs for the price of 4)			
					John Ogdon, Piano

AIR-CD-9078		Ronn Yedidia                                  
				Piano Sonata No. 3 "Outcries"
				Grand Etudes: 	No. 3
									No. 5
									No. 6 "Sunrise"
									No. 7 "The Flight over the Ocean"
									No. 8 "A Voice is calling in the Desert at Night"
									No. 10 "Tempest"
				Toward the Gardens of Heaven
					Ronn Yedidia, Piano

AIR-CD-9081		Kaikhosru Sorabji									
				Concerto per suonare da me solo
					Jonathan Powell, piano

AIR-CD-9082		Kaikhosru Sorabji									
				Un nido di scatole
				St Bertrand de Comminges ("He was laughing in the tower")
					Jonathan Powell, piano

AIR-CD-9083		Kaikhosru Sorabji									
				Rosario d'arabeschi
					Jonathan Powell, piano

AIR-CD-9084		Kaikhosru Sorabji	                             
				Fantasia ispanica
					Jonathan Powell, piano
AIR-CD-9085		Sergei Slonimsky                              
				Piano Sonata
				24 Preludes and Fugues, book 1
					Nikita Fitenko, Piano

AIR-CD-9086		Sergei Slonimsky                              
				24 Preludes and Fugues, book 2
				Piano works "From 5 to 50"
					Nikita Fitenko, Piano

AIR-CD-9089		Ronald Stevenson                              
				A Twentieth-Century Music Diary
				Fugue on a fragment of Chopin
				Symphonic Elegy for Liszt
				A Scottish Triptych
				Motus Perpetuus (?) Temporibus Fatalibus
					Joseph Banowetz, Piano

AIR-CD-9091(2)	Ronald Stevenson            (2CD set)       
				Passacaglia on DSCH 
				Prelude, Fugue and Fantasy on themes from Busoni's "Doktor Faust"
				Recitative and Air
					Ronald Stevenson, Piano

AIR-CD-9092		Leopold Godowsky                             
				Studies after Chopin, Nos. 1 - 20
					Carlo Grante, Piano

AIR-CD-9093		Leopold Godowsky                             
				Studies after Chopin, Nos. 21 - 43
					Carlo Grante, Piano

AIR-CD-9094		Leopold Godowsky                             
				Studies after Chopin, Nos. 44 - 48
				Chopin Waltz Transcriptions
					Carlo Grante, Piano

AIR-CD-9098		Franz Liszt                                  
				Reminiscences of "Norma"
				Reminiscences of "Don Juan"
					Ferruccio Busoni		
				Carmen Fantasy
					Kaikhosru Sorabji		
				Pastiche on "Carmen"
					Carlo Grante, Piano

AIR-CD-9101		Muzio Clementi                               
				The Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume 1
				Piano Sonatas Op. 2, "Op. 24 No. 2" and Op.7
					Carlo Grante, Piano